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10 Reason’s Running Is Good For You

Running is one of the most popular sports activities in England with 20.3% of the population aged 16+ taking part in running activities within the 12 months between May 2018 and May 2019 according to the Sport England Active Lives data. This compares to 10% in taking part in Football and 2% in Netball.

Cycling 37% and Swimming 30.9% was more popular than running in England.

Why is running so popular?

Probably because of the following 10 reasons.

#1 - You can run anywhere

Running will take you where you want to go. You can run anywhere in the world. There are literally races in Antarctica and the Sahara Desert. Most people won’t travel that far to run but its an option if you fancy it.

Best think is you can still run when away for work or on holiday.

#2 - Running requires very little equipment

As long as you have shoes, shorts and a top you can run. In fact some people run in bare feet and topless or with no clothes on (although we don’t recommend that). So you basically need next to nothing to get out and run.

#3 - Running burns some big calories

Running is one of the best activities for burning calories. An hour long run burns twice as many calories as a gym weight training session.

#4 - You can run with your dog

Running with your dog is allowed and there is even a sport for running with your dog. Cani-Cross is popular across European with competitors racing regulary. Event better running with your dog improves your speed…

#5 - Running helps you get social

Running is an amazing way to meet new people who are like minded and share your interest. Chat to other before, during and after runs. You will make friends for life.

#6 - Running makes you happy

Yes its true running does make you happy. No matter how bad you feel before or event during a run, at the end of your run you will be happy. Running just 30 mins a day for three days will improve your mood, sleep and concentration.

#7 - You can run at anytime

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you can always run. As long as you are safe and aware you can run when you like. Some people like morning runs and other prefer night runs. The choice is yours…

#8 - Running isn't boring

Some people say running is boring but no run is the same. You can run flat, up hills, fast, slow or you can do what you feel like. That’s what is great about running.

#9 - Running gives you a focus

Running gives people a focus; that could be a race coming up or a target distance or time.

#10 - Running gives you some me time

When you are out running alone it gives you some time to yourself away from the office, home or family. Time to think and plan.

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