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Jonathan Hobbs

I love being able to use my own experience and knowledge to help people achieve their goals. I have been competing in athletics at a national and international level for over 15 years and over this time I have learnt from other athletes, coaches and sports scientists in various disciplines and at all levels.

This has led me to develop a comprehensive approach to training. I am always keen to take on new challenges but I have three main areas of expertise:

  1. Building all-around fitness, ranging from strength and muscle tone to endurance and cardiovascular fitness.
  2. Sports-specific conditioning – I have experience with running/athletics, football, cricket, rowing and tennis, at a range of levels.
  3. Preventing injury by building stability and appropriate flexibility and developing technique and posture.

I endeavour to be flexible and to tailor training to your specific needs. This not just limited to your time in the gym, but can also include nutrition and lifestyle advice and plans and reviews of your own training.

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