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Mathew Roderick

My passion for health and fitness began at age 6 where I pursued my love of football, so much so that I eventually represented Kent and played semi-professionally until a bad knee injury brought my playing days to a halt. This led me into my career of health and fitness, specifically personal training.

Over my 12 years as a personal trainer I’ve worked with a huge variety of clients to achieve a wide range of goals such as running marathons and completing obstacle course races. I regularly participate in obstacle course races, as well as recently completing the 66 mile long London to Brighton Ultramarathon. The vast majority of my clients have more conventional goals such as fat loss and fitness improvement, both of which I am highly passionate about.

I work with my client’s physical capabilities in order to provide safe and effective exercise that is relevant to their goals, as well as educating them on the correct nutrition to compliment their training. I am able to tailor specific nutrition plans in order guarantee the correct amount of calories and macronutrients.

My belief is that lifestyle, health and fitness should be enjoyable as well as manageable on a daily basis. This means making changes and recommendations that are easily implemented, ensuring that long term participation in a healthier lifestyle is achievable for all involved.

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