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Ryan Harden

Ryan Harden is a Personal Trainer based in Ashford, Kent operating under his own business, Kojin Torena Fitness.

With nearly 5 years industry experience working with a wide range of clients from those looking to simply make positive changes for their health to athletes in an array of sports as well nearly 9 years coaching experience in various disciplines but most notably with Kyokushinkai Karate where he holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt after nearly 15 years of training.

A major highlight for Ryan was his recognition for work in the local community through his businesses impact on people as well as charity work which earned him the “Ashford BME Health and Fitness in the Community Award” for 2018.

Ryan offers 1-2-1 session from Anytime Fitness Ashford; single sessions start from £30 with block booking packages available along with online training and nutritional support.

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