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Trail Chasers UK

Join Trail Chasers UK and get outdoors

Trail Chasers UK (TCUK) was formed in November 2017 by Ruth Goddard, an England Athletics Run Coach. TCUK is a free-to-attend fun running and walking group for all abilities.  All runs take place off road in a ‘trail’ environment. Ruth has a huge passion for the trails and wanted to make this a possibility for as many people as she could. The group is based in South Kent but does go on adventures along the North and South Downs as well as any other trails we can find! 
Alongside Ruth have been Justine and Steve, who organise and plan amazing outings for the group. 

Since October 2018 Ruth has also been offering coached sessions and one to ones. These have involved athletes with targets of wanting to run for 30 minutes non stop right up to Ultra Running. Coaching doesn’t just involve the running the but the physical and mental preparation. 

We hope you join us for an adventure soon.

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