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What makes a good team?

There are so many connotations assiocated with the word team.

A sports team, a work team, a married team, an athlete’s team the list could go on.

All successful teams have the same factors that result in them being successful. This could be in the sports arena, workplace or at home.

A successful team will always believe in each other no matter what happens. They have an understanding between each other and know that they have each others backs if needed. If a team does not believe in each other then it will never succeed.

Trusting eachother will play a key part making a team a success. A team member might take a risk but as part of the team you trust them that the risk was taken for the best of the team.

If it doesn’t pay off you understand their reasons and move on. Learn from experience as a team and improve next time.

A team that is postive is more likely to succeed then one that is negative. A postive outlook on life will always win over a negative one. Even when a successful team has a bad result or experience they will focus on the positives and use any areas of weakness as a way to improve next time thus making it into a positive.

Having a coordinated team goal will help all involved focus on the skills required to achieve that goal.

As an individual sports person you will set a goal in partnership with the team around you; a coach, physio, strength &
conditioning expert, sports psychologist and family members.

Use whoever is part of your team to help you achieve your goals.

The most successful teams utilise the expertise of many people to make that team a success. So be affraid to ask for advice or help on your journey to success.

Make sure you speak to your team to ensure the plan to achieve your goal is on track. A good communication process.

My experiences of a good team are many; in the workplace when your colleagues know eachothers strengths and weaknesses and use these to achieve the best possible results for the customer. A team who know their roles and are on the same wavelength. A team that clicks and works without any effort.

At home when you and your partner know straight away the house you are viewing is ‘the one’. When you work together and know eachothers limits. Again having certain roles makes a relationship work and last.

Last of all any successful team or coach will say life is all about learning. If you stop learning then your in trouble.

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