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Top tips before exercising

Checkout our top tips to make your fitness journey a success; being prepared before starting an exercise programme will help you enjoy exercising and reduce the risk of injury or illness.

Be prepared – Medical

Before starting any form of exercise programme you need to make sure you are healthy so if you do have any medical concerns please contact your GP first to make sure they are happy with you exercising.

Be prepared – Trainers

We also advise that before you start exercising you make sure you have the right type of sports shoes for your foot type and action. You can visit a local running or sports store to get individual recommendations for the best shoes for you. Podplus sports shop and injury clinic located at the Julie Rose Stadium offer a great service that will help you find the best trainers based on your body.

Be prepared – Clothing

When you are exercising we advise participants to wear comfortable clothing that you feel happy and confident wearing. Tracksuit bottoms, leggings, shorts and t-shirts are always a safe bet. The weather plays a big part in this so try to dress according to the weather. Ladies remember to wear a good fitting sports Bra to avoid any discomfort whilst exercising.

Be prepared – For the unexpected

Taking up any kind of exercise programme is a scary thing and there will be days when you feel great and others when you are not so great. Don’t worry about this as it happens in everything we do. Listen to your body (as it is usually right) if something isn’t feeling good and adjust what you do.

Be prepared – Find your way

We all have different tastes and routines in life and its the same with exercise, some people enjoy exercising in the morning before starting their day, other prefer evenings or at lunchtime. Whatever works for you go with it.

Finally and most importantly the key thing to this being a success is you enjoying it and having fun.

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