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Why is BootCamp better for you?

Nowadays when you look at the fitness industry all you see is supplements and body builders promoting fitness, however does this really represent fitness.

For the majority of people, getting fit simply means making what they do now easier, or achieving a goal health related goal.

Therefore, many are put off my gyms and personal trainers who can be seen as intimidating and with their only goal to make muscles stronger and bigger.

Go Fit! BootCamps are the complete opposite to this. We work on helping the majority of people get fitter the right way, whilst keeping it fun and engaging so that exercising doesn’t seem like a burden. When most people’s daily routines consist of sitting at a desk or minimal physical exertion, we offer that stimulus which will make you feel better in yourself and push you enough to feel a physical benefit.

Our main focuses in our sessions are heart rate stimulus, postural exercises and plus conditioning. These come together to help anyone overcome the detrimental effects of desk work or sitting. Looking to fix these common issues early prevent back ache with age, joint pain, flexibility and ease everyday struggles. We use a combination of HIIT training to raise heart rate and work the muscles, as well as conditioning in circuit training; but alongside these, game-based fitness is a priority. All our campers enjoy these games and often find they work harder than they realise because they are having fun.

Come along to one of our BootCamp sessions for £5: Monday – Bromley Green Hall – 19:00-20:00 Wednesday – Hamstreet Playing Field – 19:00-20:00

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